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"...The design and build quality is so off the charts it makes everything else look like a joke. If a nuke hit our town there would be nothing left except roaches and that bull bar (minus the truck).
Customer, Brian Stevens on the Black Widow Bull Bar
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Among all the accessories you could add to your truck, the Spyder Industries “Black Venom” bull bar is one of the most functional and aesthetically appealing.

Spyder is Built to Last
Built to withstand hard and heavy punishment, the bull bar, also known as a push bar, is industrial grade, made from heavy gauge, 2.5” square steel tubing. Its “diamond” cut geometric design creates the maximum strength structure best suited for protecting your truck.

It doesn’t matter what you drive, whether it be truck or SUV, the Black Venom Bull Bars are designed to fit most every model truck or SUV. Through their unique design, the Black Venom push bars can be adjusted nearly 5” to make the look that you want or to get the clearance you need.

Looks and Build
We powder coat our Black Venom Bull Bars to provide the longest lasting finish. In order to complete the finished look after installation, we use a “stealth black” finish. This finish is perfect to help blend the push bars into the other finishes, both rubber and plastics, on your truck. If you’re trying to find a look that will stand out from others, we also produce the Black Venom push bar in a silver finish.

All our Black Venom push bars are made to bolt directly onto the frame of your truck or SUV. Be sure to contact us if you do not see your specific model truck or SUV listed on our website. We update and manufacture new designs all the time; it may be that your model was made recently.

Nothing Compares
There isn’t another push bar on the market today that is anything like the Black Venom Bull Bar. Nothing stands up to it in esthetics, durability, or functionality. Customize your push bar with off-road lamps. Install up to four for supreme illumination in the bush.

Spyder Industries has the best bull bar on the market today. Come find out for yourself why customers have raved about their own push bars and swear by them. Get your own bull bar today!
Spyder Industries' "Black Venom" Bull Bar adds extra front-end protection to your truck and includes mounts ready to receive up to 4 off-road lamps. The Black Venom Bull Bar is manufactured from 2.5" square, heavy gauge steel tubing and feature a 'diamond' cut design found nowhere else for maximum strength. Our Bull Bars are powder coated "Stealth Black" (semi-gloss, fine texture) to blend with the black plastics typically found on trucks and tailored to bolt to the frame of specific truck models. If you want the hottest and toughest Bull Bar on the market call Spyder Industries or order yours online today.
Spyder Industries is developing versions of the Black Venom Bull Bar to fit most popular trucks and SUV's on the market. The list is growing but if you don't see one for your truck make and model, please call or email us for more information.
Unique and Functional - Our Bull Bars are available for Most trucks and SUV's
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